“It has been fantastic to work with dramaturg and workshop leader Sophie Rashbrook on our recent Tosca Secondary schools project, when over 350 pupils were involved in a practical workshop to prepare them for their visit to watch WNO’s production at WMC.  Sophie effectively developed and delivered engaging examples of themes and locations from the world of Tosca, pitching the tone and content to suit the needs of a Secondary school learner.  Sophie used fun and interactive practical exercises to bring the key characters to life and worked well alongside a soloist and repetiteur to identify key musical moments to underscore the practical exercises. Teachers commented that the workshop was an excellent way of having an introduction to a new artistic genre that pupils may not have had chance to explore before. Pupils who attended the live performance commented that the workshop definitely made the Opera performance more enjoyable as they knew what to expect and made it a fun experience instead of a daunting one.” 

Louise Maddy: WNO Youth and Community Producer

“Being part of the production team for a site-specific overnight choral sleepover isn’t necessarily on everyone’s CV. Sophie was recommended to us by Brighton Festival Assistant Producer, Amanda Northcote-Green… We dropped Sophie straight in at the deep end for this project at short notice and as we had limited rehearsal time at the venue. Her job was to co-ordinate the community choir of eighty-five singers into choreographed groups, lines and various other configurations across the landscape in the grounds and the riding school at Firle Place and to look after the choir at both of their choir calls (early evening and then early morning 6am). Undaunted by this prospect, she threw herself into this task uncomplainingly, producing plans, lists and diagrams so that it worked seamlessly. She was patient even when we changed our minds about logistics (which we did, frequently). I would highly recommend Sophie for her good-natured professionalism and diligence during the project.

Jonathan Baker: Co-director The Arms of Sleep, The Voice Project at Brighton Festival


From the beginning, Sophie was effortlessly efficient and utterly in control of a development performance project that required careful communication with a wide variety of stakeholders (singers, creative team, orchestra, staff, and donors). She was calm, organised and never flustered, both in her pre-preparation and on the day, and showed immense diplomacy as well as practicality. I’d be delighted to work with her again.”

Laura Canning: Director of Artistic Administration and Alvarez Young Artists Event, Garsington Opera