Song Text – From Home

‘From home’

A song for Soprano, tenor and electric guitar

Text: Sophie Rashbrook

Music: Curtis Day

About the text: From conversations and correspondence about ‘Home’ with UK-based Swedish soprano Julia Bjørkqvist and Austrian tenor Rupert Grössinger, I crafted this text, which explores their memories of home.

Att komma hem är


Coming home

It’s a cold day in Stockholm

It’s raining in Salzburg

The waters are still

There is an old farmhouse

There is a tall blue building

by a cemetery

at the top of a hill

You walk through the hall

in my great aunt’s

In my sister’s

old place

And the wallpaper


It’s intense

Bright red flowers everywhere

Only my orchids have survived

since I’m away

Vattenglas, en karaff i glas.

Nostalgin sitter i enstaka föremål

Home lives in a few artefacts

But my memories are not there

All my memories are there

Oleanderbäume, Weißer Kachelofen,


But I’ve moved on

The memories live in me

Minnena lever i mig[5]

Is it ‘Heimkehr’ or ‘Fernweh’,[6]

When the place you remembered

is no longer there?

Jag är hemma


Jag är hemma


I am home